In the presence of Commissioner General of Austria, Dr. Ursula Plassnik, Secretary General of the Ministry of Labour and Economy, Eva Landrichtinger, Vice President of the Austrian Federal Economic Chamber, Philipp Gady and the Japanese Ambassador to Vienna, H.E. Ryuta Mizuuchi, the winning project of the design competition for the Austrian contribution to Expo 2025 Osaka was presented to a full house yesterday evening at the Weltmuseum.

BWM Designers & Architects and facts and fiction emerged as winners in a multi-stage competition with "Composing the Future".

The exhibition of all 31 entries of the competition in the Hall of Columns of the Weltmuseum once again showed the range of European, and above all Austrian, architecture.

Together with a delegation of Japanese start-ups and Austrian representatives of Japanese partner cities, the evening ended with a sake tasting hosted by the Japanese Embassy.

Präsentation - Wettbewerb für Österreich-Pavillon Expo 2025 Osaka | Flickr

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